Thursday, December 23, 2010

Post 17: Business Cycle Graphs

Graph 1: The graph uses great economic vocabulary words and uses colors to enhance the visual. The graph also has a labeled X and Y axis to further describe the business cycle. The only thing the graph lacks is a title.

Graph 2: This graph shows only one hump and therefore not expressing that the business cycle will repeat itself. It uses some mediocre vocabulary words and it's very bland being only black and white. Although the graph has a labeled X and Y axis, it fails to have a title.

Graph 3: The graph has a title and a labeled Y axis but not labeled X axis. It is very visually appealing however the graph only shows one hump.

I believe that graph 1 is the most successful created graph of them all because it shows the continuous nature of the business cycle. The graph also shows a "growth trend" line to show that although the economy will have a fluctuation between peak and trough, the economy will slowly increase over time. The colors and design of the graph makes it very visually appealing.


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