Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Post 3: Pick 5 things I wanted to/actually did purchase

1. Pepsi - Oligopoly - There is almost no competition (Coca-Cola is the only other name brand other than a few store brands). They have a high control over price; however, if they increase the price to much than Coca-Cola will have more sales. It would be very difficult for a new company to create a soda and market it.

2. Wendy's Baconator - Monopolistic Competition - There are many competitors in the fast food and restaurant business. Wendy's has to compete with other popular fast food restaurants and therefore they have very little control over price. The second their price goes up, buyers won't bother purchasing their product. The level of entry is very possible.

3. Orbit Gum - Monopolistic Competition - There is a lot of competition. Orbit gum has to regulate their price with competing producers; therefore, they don't have a lot of say over price. The level of entry is very possible.

4. iPod Touch - Oligopoly - There is almost no competition. Apple has to only compete with a few other mp3 players. Because people prefer iPods over almost any other mp3, apple has a lot of say in the price. It would be very difficult to enter into the mp3 market.

5. Doritos - Oligopoly - The only competition is wise and utz; however, frito lay is known to be the "top dog" of the potato chip market. They have a large say over the price and every level is extremely difficult.

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