Monday, January 24, 2011

Post 24: 4 Unemployment Scenerios

Frictional Unemployment - I began my career becoming an engineer. After being an electrical engineer for 8 years, I decided to apply for a higher position (management).

Seasonal Unemployment - After finding out I wanted to become a farmer I soon bought land and started harvesting crops. But what I didn't think about is that I would be unemployed each winter because of the lack of crops.

Structural Unemployment - Once I discovered that I would lose my job each winter farming, I soon began to look for a job. I became a dvd maker in an older company and because blu ray discs have become very popular, I was cut from my job.

Cyclical Unemployment - So after my travel around the different jobs, I found that being an engineer was the most steady job. So I reapplied to become an engineer and within a year of having the job I was laid off because of the recession . :(           

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